CONNECTING A PHONE SYSTEM TO THE NBN Q & A. The NBN is being rolled out in your area and it leads to questions about connecting a Phone System to the NBN. You may have received a letter from your existing Telco, telling you you need to change over to the NBN Immediately. Or that if you […]

THE GREAT NBN PHONE SYSTEM CON JOB We field about 10 calls a week from clients who have received an email or been called by their Phone System provider, telling them that they must change their phone system as soon as as the NBN is available. We call it the NBN phone System Con. Clients […]

GOOGLE FIBRE STOPS ROLL OUT – TOO EXPENSIVE Interesting news today regarding Google Fibre rollout. Google is halting its fibre roll out due to unmet sales and financial goals. Given google Fibre had a free internet subscription available for quite sometime, its not hard to understand why “financial” targets have not been met. The network was […]

HOSTED PBX IN SYDNEY – CONVERSION FROM ISDN TO HOSTED PBX Converting from ISDN to Hosted PBX in Sydney. Our first case study, in a series of posts on IP telephony conversions and Business Grade Data, that we will run over the next few months. THE CLIENT A Cloud based Pay Roll company with around […]

TELSTRA ISDN 2 & ISDN 102030 PROMOTION – ISDN NOT GIVING UP WITHOUT A FIGHT Our new ISDN 102030 promotion launch. ISDN 102030 services have been hanging in against the onslaught of IP telephony. Despite improvements in call quality and reliability of Business VoIP, many business still want the rolled gold reliability of Telstra ISDN 102030 […]

How to Get NBN Phone Lines for Business The NBN is now available at your site and your wondering what to do about transitioning your current PSTN or ISDN phone line to NBN phone lines. You quite possibly have a rep from a local business centre telling you have to change. Straight away. Today. Or you […]

iPhone 7 users apparently deceived by headphone jack ‘hack’ Funny and Sad all in the one sentence. Reading todays IT Wire news and saw this…

Hosted PBX Call Centre We are pleased to announce our new Hosted PBX Call Centre functionality bringing additional features to our Hosted PBX range. With our Hosted PBX platform we can now run a full range of Call Centre features, including Call Reporting, Recording and Call Queuing. Adding Advanced Call Centre Functionality to your Hosted PBX. […]

FIBRE INTERNET & BUSINESS BROADBAND  FIBRE INTERNET AND HOW TO FIND IT .. OR IS BUSINESS GRADE INTERNET AVAILABLE AT MY SITE? We can help you price Fibre internet and how to find it. Fibre Internet is now becoming the Gold Standard data connection for Australian Business. With the move to Cloud Computing and Business VoIP many […]

TELSTRA FIBRE INTERNET FROM $935 PER MONTH We are very happy to announce our  Telstra Fibre Internet Services promotion. Prices starting at $935 inc gst per month for 50/50mb in CBD zones. Free Install to existing network infrastructure on 36mth agreement Unlimited Data Dedicated 1:1 Connections Telstra Fibre Internet – Save $1000s per month on Telstra […]