GSM Gateways


Use A Capped Mobile Plan On Your PABX System – GSM Gateways – Fixed Mobile Access From Your PABX Phone System

gsm-gateways-matrix-gbr42-gsm-gateway-fixed-wireless-terminalGSM Gateways are a Fixed Wireless terminal that accepts a SIM card and allows you to make calls from your Phone System using a mobile network. Put simply a GSM Gateway is mobile phone device that is connected to your PABX Phone system which allows you to take advantage of better call rates that are available from Mobile Phone carriers resulting in cheaper phone bills for you.

GSM Gateway Price Guide

Gateway Type Number of Channels (SIMs) Price inc GST & delivery toAustralian Capital Metro areas
PSTN 1 x GSM $550
PSTN 4 x GSM $1064
PSTN 3G 4 X GSM 3G $2134
ISDN BRI 2 x GSM $1237
ISDN BRI 3G 2 x GSM 3G $1754
ISDN BRI 4 x GSM $2145
ISDN BRI 3G 4 x GSM 3G $2915
ISDN BRI 3G 4 x GSM 3G $7439
ISDN BRI 3G 4 x GSM 3G $13677
ISDN PRI 4 x GSM $3924
ISDN PRI 4 x GSM 3G $5412
ISDN PRI 8 x GSM $5077
ISDN PRI 8 x GSM 3G $7771
ISDN PRI 16 x GSM $9469
ISDN PRI 32 x GSM $14702
ISDN PRI 32 x GSM 3G $24391

Prices do not include installation and are current to 30 March 2013. Lots of other configurations available.


Why use a GSM Gateway device?

Calls to mobile phones are usually the most expensive component of your landline phone bill. With call rates of 30c a minute or more, it doesn’t take long to run up massive phone bills. You will also know that when it comes to calling out to a mobile phone, many mobile carriers have much better deals than the fixed wire carriers. Using a Mobile phone plan you can take advantage of much cheaper Mobile to Mobile call rates and fleet call plans to reduce your phone bill dramatically.

Because many of your outbound calls will route via the GSM Gateway, you may be able to save even more by reducing the number of landlines you have connected!

What do I need to use a GSM Gateway?

You need to have a PABX phone system with at least one free analogue port. You then need to have an active SIM card on the desired mobile phone plan. Your PABX Maintainer will install the Gateway for you and program your PABX system so that you can nominate which lines will route via the GSM Gateway.

Are GSM Gateways for voice only?

No GSM gateways can be used services other than voice. Depending on the model purchased and the allowable service on your mobile plan, you may also be able to transmit and receive fax & data via the GSM gateway.

What will a GSM Gateway cost?

Costs will vary depending on the number of channels (lines) that you require and the features of the gateway.

Units are available in increments of 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 right up to 32 Channel (32 SIM cards) that are able to be connected to Primary Rate ISDN 10/20/30 PABX Systems.

if you would like to discuss installing a GSM gateway on your PBX Phone system please give our Sales team a call and one of our experienced technical Sales staff can assist you or alternately please submit a web inquiry form and we will call you.