Mobile Phone User Guides For Optus & Telstra Networks

Mobile Phone User Guides

Just scroll down for information on setting up Voicemail, Diverting calls, using International Roaming and other features on your Optus or Telstra Mobile Phone.



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Optus Mobile Phone User Guide

Using your phone on the Optus Network is a very simple affair. Below we have listed Optus Mobile User Guide instructions for setting up your mobile phone, setting up & activating Voice Mail and setting diversions. Below that there are a few trouble shooting tips for your Optus Mobile.

Setup & Activate Voice Mail on Optus 3G Network

When you first access voicemail, you will need to set up your PIN (Personal Identification Number), record your name and a personalised greeting.

  1. Dial 321 Voicemail Access number
  2. Follow the prompts to set up your new PIN, record your name and a personalised greeting.
  3. When you first access this service your PIN is the last four digits of your mobile number. (Your PIN cannot be consecutive numbers eg. 1234 or a repeated number 2222).
  4. You must complete the tutorial in full to ensure the Voicemail box is set up. If the tutorial is not completed it will play each time you access Voicemail. You need to ensure your callers press the hash to leave your message.

Checking your voicemail messages on Optus 3 Network

  1. Dial 321 to access your Voicemail box
  2. Your messages will be played in the order they were received. At the end of each new message you will be given the option to save, delete or replay the message, or return the call from the Voicemail box.

Message Options

Press 5 to save message
Press 3 to delete message
Press 7 to replay message
Press 6 to return the call
Press 9 to exit the system.

Once the call ends, any messages that have been requested to be deleted cannot be recovered.

To Retrieve Messages While Overseas

Whilst overseas – Dial +61 411 000 321 from your mobile or any other phone. Then enter your mobile number and your Voicemail security code.

If you’ve forgotten your code and need to re-set it to the default code (last 4 digits of mobile number), contact customer care on 1300 783 528.

Check Voicemail from a landline in Australia

To check voicemail from a landline from within Australia dial 133321, then enter your mobile number and your Voicemail security code. If you’ve forgotten your code and need to re-set it to the default code (the last 4 digits of your mobile number), contact customer care on 1300 783 528.

Call Forward Divert Codes For Mobile Phones On Optus 3G Network

If you need to divert your phone calls from your mobile phone you have a number of options.
Choose either the ‘Divert’ option from your mobile phone menu, enter 321 and enter the divert code, Or use the following shortcuts:

To Activate Divert to Voicemail:
press: ** call divert code*321#SEND

To Cancel Divert to VoiceMail:
press: ## call divert code #SEND

Divert Codes:
67 – Busy
61 – No answer
62 – Unreachable
21 – All calls

Change The Number Of Rings On My Optus Mobile Phone

Enter the following code directly into the handset to extend ringtime before diverting to voicemail;
* * 61 * 321 * * 30 # SEND where 30 is the time in seconds before diverting to voicemail.

30 seconds is the maximum, and it must be a multiple of five, ie 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30.

How To Make A Video Call On Optus 3G Network

Making Video calls very simple. If you phone is Video call compatible, your handset will provide you with a choice when you elect to make a call. As long as you are in a 3G area and the person receiving the call has a Video Compatible handset and is also located within a 3g Area you can make a video call. Video Calls take a bit longer to connect  – usually around 10-15 seconds.

Optus MMS Settings

International Roaming Guide On Optus Auto Roam

Q: Where can I use International Roaming on Optus network?
A: Roaming is available in over 160 countries, please visit AutoRoam Page for more information.

Q: How much does it cost to call overseas on my mobile?
A: Prices vary depending on which Voice Rate plan you are on. Use the table on the International Call Rates page to guide you to the correct international rate to the destination you want to call.

Q: How much does it cost to Use International Roaming overseas?
A: When you make a call, send an SMS or use GPRS services you will be charged the AutoRoam rate for the country you are in.

Please note that using 3G Wireless Data (Mobile Broadband) on a mobile phone or using a Wireless Internet service on a tablet or laptop is very expensive $20.50 per Mb and it is our advice that you always use a WIFI network if you require data while over seas. IT is very easy to run up a massive bill.

When someone calls you (from Australia or overseas), they will be charged the normal cost of a call to an Optus mobile in Australia. You will be charged at Optus’ ‘yes’ International rates (excluding GST) plus a 40c flagfall. Plus, in some countries an overseas carrier charge may also be applicable.

Q: How do I minimise by charges while International Roaming?

There are several ways to reduce your call charges. Firstly don’t leave your phone on all the time unless you have to and this will mean incoming calls will go to Voicemail rather than you pay incoming call charges.

Do not use 3G Wireless Data (Mobile Broadband) while roaming. It is very expensive at $20.50 per mb. It is our strong recommendation that you use WIFI if you need to access data while overseas.

Try to keep your calls short as you pay a charge fr both incoming and outgoing calls.

Use SMS as much as possible and request your callers SMS you which will allow you to control your costs.

You can also reduce your Voice Mail costs by putting your phone on divert to Voicemail for all calls before leaving Australia. If a received call is diverted to VoiceMail because you do not answer or because your phone is busy, you will also be charged the international call rate for the applicable zone to divert the caller back to your VoiceMail box in Australia. These charges may be minimised by setting an “unconditional” diversion to VoiceMail, so that all incoming calls are sent directly to your VoiceMail rather than to your overseas destination.

Q: What should I do before leaving Australia?
A: Make sure you get International Roaming activated on your service. International Roaming cannot be activated while you are overseas.

Check that the countries you plan to visit have Optus AutoRoam coverage. Also check the rates for making calls, sending SMS and using GPRS services on overseas networks. If you haven’t previously used AutoRoam, arrange for AutoRoam to be activated by calling Telaustralia Customer Service 1300 783 528.

Check that you handset will work in the countries you plan to visit. Destinations such as Japan, Korea have networks that may not be compatible with your handset. It’s a good idea to change the numbers in your handset’s phone book to international format (for example +61 4XX XXX XXX for an Australian mobile number or +61 2 9XXX XXXX for a Sydney home phone). This will allow you to call back to Australia from your handset’s ‘phone book’ in the usual way.

Q: How do I contact Telaustralia Customer Service while overseas?
A: For any assistance while overseas please call + 61 2 82489094.

Q: How do I use International Roaming?
A: Follow these easy instructions.

Please ensure you activate International Roaming before leaving Australia. International Roaming cannot be turned on while overseas.

Turn on your phone when you arrive. After about 30 seconds, most phones will automatically select one of the AutoRoam overseas networks. Once connected, the name of the network will appear on your phone’s screen. Your phone is then ready to use.

If a network isn’t selected or you would prefer to use a different network (for example, GPRS services may not be available on all networks in a particular country), you can select manually using your handset’s menu.

Receiving Calls while overseas
When using Optus AutoRoam, your mobile number stays the same.

Callers from Australia dial your mobile number as if you were still in Australia.
Callers from outside Australia (including callers from the overseas country you’re in) must also dial your mobile number as if you were still in Australia.
Making local and long distance calls while overseas.
It’s just as easy to make local and long distance calls on your Optus mobile overseas as it is at home. You can make local and long distance calls, simply by dialing the area code and phone number.

Making international calls and sending SMS and MMS while overseas
When making international calls or sending SMS or MMS, enter the number in international format:

Dial +. This will automatically substitute for the international exit code for the country you’re in.
On most phones the + is located on the * or 0 button
Dial the country code, area code (excluding the first zero) and phone number for the destination you’re calling.
Note: An area code is not required when calling a mobile, however you must exclude the first zero of the mobile number.
For example +61 4XX XXX XXX for an Australian mobile number or +61 2 9XXX XXXX for a Sydney home phone.

Q: How do I access voicemail while overseas?
A: To listen to voicemail messages while roaming call +61 411 000 321. You may require a pin number which is defaulted to the last 4 numbers of your phone number unless you changed it when setting up Voicemail.

Q: How do I send an SMS to someone overseas?
A: To send an SMS to someone overseas enter + followed by country code and mobile number excluding the first zero.
For example, to send an SMS to a UK mobile number enter +44(mobile number excluding the first zero).

Q: How do I send a MMS to someone overseas?
A: To send an MMS to someone overseas enter + followed by country code and mobile number excluding the first zero.
For example, to send an MMS to a Sing Tel mobile number enter +65(mobile number excluding the first zero)

Q: Whats the cheapest way to communicate back to Australia?
A: If you can get by just sending and receiving text messages then you can manage your costs.

Q: Why do iPhone, IPad & Smartphone users get outrageously high phone bills after their trips abroad?
A: Roaming Wireless data is charged at $20.50 per MB. Many Smart Phones including the iPhone & iPad were made for data, and as a result it can cause some problems for international travelers, because data rates are typically much higher than voice rates. For example, the iPhone’s visual voice mail works over the data network. So when iPhone subscribers receive a voice mail while traveling and their phone is on, that voice mail message will be charged a data rate, regardless of whether that iPhone subscriber checked his voice mail. If iPhone users are having their e-mail pushed to them all the time, this can also jack up the price of their service. And streaming video of any kind over the cellular network will rack up data charges very quickly regardless of whether you’re on a smartphone or using a 3G data card. Avoid High Roaming 3G Data charges by turning your Roaming data Option off and using WIFI while over seas.

Q: What can I do to make sure I dont get a huge Data Bill when I travel overseas?

Q: Are these huge data charges a problem for other smartphone users like BlackBerry users or phones running Windows Mobile?

Neither the BlackBerry nor Windows Mobile phones use visual voice mail, so that is not a concern on these devices. But streaming video on these devices could also rack up some hefty data charges as well. So be careful. As for downloading e-mail or receiving pushed e-mail, Windows Mobile users should also be careful. These phones also allow users to turn off the push e-mail function. But BlackBerry users don’t have to worry as much, because Research In Motion, the maker of the BlackBerry, has developed a very efficient way of delivering e-mail to end users that doesn’t eat up a lot of bandwidth. Our advice is to turn 3G Roaming data off and use a WIFI network if you need to access the internet while over seas.

International Roaming Call Charges Optus Network

Post-Paid AutoRoam RatesZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
National Voice Calls within the same country (per minute)$0.65$1.30$1.65$1.90$2.10
International Voice Calls outside the country you are in (per minute)$1.40$2.35$3.50$5.80$6.60
To receive Voice Calls (per minute)$0.95$1.10$1.45$1.65$1.80
National Video Calls within the same country (per minute)$1.25$2.00$2.50$3.00$3.50
International Video Calls outside the country you are in (per minute)$2.75$3.30$4.75$5.95$6.75
To receive Video Calls (per minute)$1.00$1.25$1.50$1.75$2.00
Zone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5

Isle of Man



BotswanaCuracao &


East Timor









South Africa







Costa Rica


El Salvador †

Faroe Islands




Guam &

the Northern Marianas^

Hong Kong






Korea (South)‡









New Caledonia

New Zealand


Norfolk Island

Puerto Rico^


Slovak Republic








US Virgin Is^.



AnguillaAntigua & Barbuda^






Bosnia Herzegovina





Cayman Is.


Cook Islands





Guinea Bissau
















Papua New Guinea






San Marino



Solomon Islands


St. Lucia

St Kitts & Nevis

St. Vincent






Turks & Caicos

United Arab Emirates

Vatican City














Czech Republic

Dominican Republic^




French Guiana



International Airspace

– AeroMobile


Ivory Coast


















Saudi Arabia


Sri Lanka







All rates listed in $AUD.
Voice & Video Call rates are show per minute and charged with an initial increment of 60 seconds and per 30 seconds thereafter. GST does not apply to roaming charges (with th exception of the standard SMS, MMS, International SMS and International MMS rates).

^ Requires a GSM 1900MHz compatible (tri-band) handset ,
† Requires a GSM 850MHz compatible (quad-band) handset ,
‡ Requires a W-CDMA (3G) compatible handset ,
* SMS services not currently available here,
§ Requires a 3G 850/1900 handset for 3G Roaming, Some handsets may not be supported by all networks,3G Roaming requires compatible mobiles/devices to use GPRS and 3G data. To make and receive video calls, both calling and receiving parties require a 3G mobile and must be located in a 3G coverage area on a network that supports video calling.

Other International Roaming Charges

Flagfall (per outgoing Voice and Video Call$0.40
SMS to an Australian number (per 160 characters)$0.55 roaming fee + standard SMS rate
SMS to a non-Australian number (per 160 characters)$0.55 roaming fee + standard international SMS rate
To receive SMS$0.00
MMS to an Australian Number (per message)
Charged in 10 KB increments or part thereof
$0.55 roaming fee + standard MMS rate + $0.20 per 10KB
MMS to a non-Australian number (per message)Charged in 10 KB increments or part thereof$0.55 roaming fee + standard international MMS rate + $0.20 per 10KB
To receive MMS (per message)$0.20 per 10KB
GPRS / 3G DataFor example: To send or recieve an email uses around 7KB, this can cost around $0.20. A Facebook page is around 30 KB, this can cost around $0.60. One minute of streaming video uses around 1MB, this can cost around $20.6. These figures are based on an average mobile internet page and will depend on the handset type.$0.20 per 10KB = $20.50 per MB

Telstra Mobile Phone User Guide

Setting Up Your Telaustralia Mobile Phone Including PIN Number On The Telstra Network

  1. On receipt of your SIM card/s pleased give us a call to let us know you have received them on 1300 783 528 (1300 & TELAU)
  2. When you call us we will arrange a mutually suitable time to activate your SIM card/s. This is to allow you time to copy across your address book & contacts to your phone etc.
  3. At the agreed time (usually within a 2-3hr window) you need to ensure you are carrying your new SIM card with you.
  4. We will activate your new SIM card and your existing service will drop out. Please do not attempt to put your new SIM into your phone before your old service drops out. It will not work until we activate it.
  5. When your existing service drops out, replace your old SIM card with your new SIM card and turn your phone back on.
  6. On your new SIM card there is a scratch panel with a code. Each time you turn your phone on you will need to enter this code unless you turn of PIN request or change the PIN number in security settings.
  7. All Telaustralia SIMs have this default SIM security setting to avoid fraudulent use. If you want to change or turn off your SIM Code Security, please go to security settings on your phone. If you are happy to keep the PIN provided please keep the PIN number in a safe place as it will be required each time your phone is turned off.
  8. If you require access to GPRS data services, WAP services or send MMS Multi Media Messages, we will need you to advise us of your mobile handset make and model.

SIM PIN Number

Your SIM card contains a PIN (Personal Identification Number) code to protect against unauthorised use of your mobile phone. You can change the PIN when you first get your card, or anytime later.

Three unsuccessful attempts to enter your card’s PIN will result in the card being blocked. To use it again you will need to unblock your PIN by calling Customer Service on 1300 783 528

Your random PIN is located on your SIM card surround under the black scratch panel. You can easily change it to a PIN of your preference. If are having trouble remembering what your PIN is, then you can change your PIN to one you can more easily remember.

Changing The PIN On Your SIM Card

Your phone’s instruction book will show how you can turn the PIN on and off, and how to change it using your phone security settings.
Remember once your PIN is activated, you will need to key it in each time you turn on your mobile phone.  

TIP: If you have trouble remembering your pin, you could write it down in an address book as part of a  fictional phone number, eg. 9876 7878.

Change SIM Pin

All Telaustralia SIMs have a default SIM security setting to avoid fraudulent use. If you want to change or turn off your SIM Code Security, please go to security settings on your phone and select SIM Security, then select OFF. You may be prompted for your PIN Number to turn this setting off.

Alternately you can change your PIN to a number that is easy for you to remember.

If you are happy to keep the PIN provided please keep the PIN number in a safe place as it will be required each time your phone is turned off.

Request A PUK Code

Email and provide your account number and Mobile phone number,. You will be required to provide your account password also.

Directory Services

There are three services to choose from depending on what type of information you require. To meet your needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year Call Directory Assistance on 1223 if you know the name of a business or person and need the number read out. In the first instance your call will be answered by an automated speech recognition service. Call connection is not available on 1223.

Call Connect – Call 12456 to speak with an operator and be connected to the business or person you are looking for. As well as being connected you can also get other information from the White Pages® and Yellow™ directories, such as a business’ website or email address.

For a limited time, when you call 12455 you will be redirected to the new Call Connect Service.

Call 1234 If you need a personally assisted search service that can smooth the way through your day. 1234 can provide you with information you need on the go. By calling 1234 you can access great information such as:

International Roaming With A Telstra Mobile

You can use your Telaustralia mobile phone while in over 100 countries on more than 200 networks.

Remember when overseas charges apply to both sending and receiving a call. Charges include those imposed by the overseas network operator you are using plus any applicable surcharges.

If you wish to use Message bank while overseas the most reliable way is to unconditionally forward all calls to MessageBank BEFORE you leave Australia.

To Set up your phone for International Roaming because you intend to travel overseas,  you need to advise us by calling 1300 783 528 or contacting us via the attached inquiry form. Even if you have traveled overseas and used your phone on International Roaming previously it is worthwhile contacting us via the contact us link or calling us on  1300783528 to ensure you phone is still enabled for International Roaming.


How it works – When you arrive overseas just turn on your phone and wait for approximately 30 seconds and you will be connected to a local network that has a roaming agreement. You may be given an option of selecting one or more networks in some countries. For information on how to select a network please consult your mobile phone manual.

Some phones may not automatically log on while overseas and need to be logged on manually. For information on how to log on manually please consult your mobile phone manual.

To Make a local call  – Dial the local Area Code and then the local number and push send.

To Make a call to a local mobile – Just Dial the mobile number and push send.

To make an International call – Dial + then Country Code then area Code then local phone number then send.  Instead of starting the call by dialing 0011,  if you just hit  the + sign on your phone this will automatically tell the network you want to dial International. This way you don’t need to know what the locall IDD codes are for each country you are in.

To call an Australian Mobile that is also overseas – If you want to call another phone that is also roaming you need to call it as if you are making an international call. If the number you are to ring to call is 0418 123 456 then you would dial +61 418 123 456.

To Receive calls – Just answer the phone when it rings.

Using Messagebank overseas – You will get your normal SMS advising you that have Voice Messages. To retrieve your messages simply reply to the SMS by placing the letter M in the text area and then hit send. Shortly afterward you will receive a call and be connected to your Messagebank.

You can check Voice messages at anytime by sending an SMS to 101 with just the letter M in the text field.

Emergency calls while overseas – Dial 112 in any country to be connected to their emergency services.

Lost or stolen Phone – Please contact us ASAP to report a lost or stolen phone so we can bar all calls from your phone. You are responsible for all charges incurred on your phone.

WAP, GPRS AND MMS On Telstra Mobile Network

To set up WAP, GPRS or MMS on your phone is usually quite simple. Advise us  on 1300 783 528 or via the contact us link on the page, that you would like any these services activated and you will receive a series of SMS messages with your settings. Just follow he prompts on the messages and your service will be activated.

When you contact us we will need to know the make and model of your phone as the settings are phone specific.