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SHDSL BUSINESS INTERNET Promo Offer – Free Installation & Promo Pricing on 10, 20, 50 and 100mbps services. Promo plans include 2 Business Grade VoIP lines.

SHDSL Business Internet plans for faster upload speeds


Free Installation available on 36 month agreement. 12 and 24 month installation charges apply.

How much faster will my Internet be? File Transfer Calculator here.

Give your business a boost with Free SHDSL Business Internet Connection on 36mth agreement. 10, 20. 50, 100 Promo Offer only available at selected Vic Melbourne Metro, NSW Sydney Metro, ACT Canberra Metro and QLD Brisbane Metro and some major regional NSW, VIC, QLD Exchanges. Standard pricing applies on AAPT services in all other States. TPG 4/6/8 Wire services have Free install on 36 month agreement. All copper based services Free install offer is to existing ULLs and network infrastructure. Ethernet Fibre services free install on 36 month agreement to existing network infrastructure. Fibe services arre not available in all locations.


Early Termination Fees apply on these products – please see notes below or Contact us for more detail.

When your business internet has to work, fast, with high upload and download speeds, then our SHDSL & Fibre Broadband is the connection of choice. If you use Hosted Voice, On Line Web Applications, are considering an ISDN replacement, require remote access or simply need unconditional quality in your Business Broadband Connection, SHDSL or Fibre is the connection that delivers. If you need your business to be online, all the time and with no limits on your data usage then consider our SHDSL plans and options.

SHDSL Business Internet Plans. Business Internet for fast upload speeds.


SHDSL Business Internet and Fibre Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Major Regional Centres in VIC, NSW, SA, QLD And WA. CONTACT US NOW FOR A FREE CONSULTATION & 6 NETWORK SITE CHECK – CLICK HERE

Things You Should Know about Business Internet SHDSL & Fibre

1. SHDSL Minimum commitment – is Monthly access fee X Contract length. e.g. a 10mb/10mb dedicated connection is $419 per month. Its a 24 mth contract so the minimum commitment is $419 X 24mths = $10056 inc Gst Minimum commitment plus router charges if any.
2. Early Termination Fee applies and is equal to Monthly access fee x months remaining in contract.
3. Not available to all customers in all areas.
4. SHDSL Speeds are theoretical maximum speeds delivered at the Network Termination Unit. Actual speeds may be less due to a number of factors including copper degradation, network configuration, line quality & length, exchange type, customer premises interference, traffic and hardware and software.
5. Usage means monthly download data transfer. 1 Gigabyte = 1026 Megabytes.
6. Static IP address guaranteed provided with service as well as included free dial up hours.
7. Network Uptime guarantee of 99.5% on all services except TPG 4/6/8 wires services which have a best efforts SLA.
8. Rebate calculated as 1 day of service access fee credited for each hour of Network the service is completely down over and above the guaranteed level. Network downtime does not include a working service with lower speeds. Network downtime does not include faults in the underlying telephony service from the exchange to the customer premises or any faults in the customers own network. Rebate must be claimed using our Standard Rebate Application Form within 3 months. Rebate will be applied as a credit against your bill.
9. Installation is to existing Network infrastructure and existing internal cabling. If additional Lead in work is required, additional ULLs required or additional internal cabling is required, you will be quoted for this work and the cost of this work is the customers responsibility.
10. Included SIP trunk offer is 2 standard SIP trunks and does not include calls.
11. Included Hosted PBX Offer is 2 standard licence channels on your Telaustralia Hosted PBX and does not include hardware or calls or System chargesWhat is SHDSL Internet.
12. The SHDSL services are available at 400 enabled exchanges Australia wide. SHDSL Broadband Promo rates are only available in Metro areas of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and some regional centres in Victoria, NSW and QLD. Standard rates apply at all other enabled sites.
13. Free SHDSL internet connection offer is only available on 24month agreement and this offer may be withdrawn at any time. Free installation is to existing Network infrastructure and internal cabling. Additional network services such as lead in upgrade, additional ULLs and internal cabling is at the customers cost. .

SHDSL ( Symmetrical High Speed Digital Subscriber Line) is a Business Internet connection that provides symmetric bandwidth bit upstream and downstream. Typical ADSL Internet as Asymmetric in that usually has a faster download speed and slower upload speeds.
With SHDSL subscribers can get speeds of up to 80Mb upload and 80Mb download over copper ULLs or up to 500MB/500MB over fibre depending on how far they are from the exchange, if the exchange is enabled for SHDSL and the age and quality of the equipment located between the exchange and the subscribers premises.

SHDSL can be delivered over various technologies including Fibre, Copper, Mid Band Ethernet or Ethernet in the First Mile.

Business Internet for faster upload speeds

Here the technical explanation of What is SHDSL from Wikpedia, extracted from this link 

Symmetrical high-speed digital subscriber line (SHDSL) is a form of symmetric digital subscriber line (SDSL), a data communications technology for equal transmit and receive (i.e. symmetric) data rate over copper telephone lines, faster than a conventional voiceband modem can provide. As opposed to other DSL technologies, SHDSL employs trellis-coded pulse-amplitude modulation (TC-PAM). As a baseband transmission scheme, TC-PAM operates at frequencies that include those used by the analog voice plain old telephone service (POTS). As such, a frequency splitter, or DSL filter, cannot be used to allow a telephone line to be shared by both an SHDSL service and a POTS service at the same time. Support of symmetric data rates made SHDSL a popular choice by businesses for private branch exchange (PBX), virtual private network (VPN), web hosting and other data services.

SHDSL features symmetrical data rates in both the upstream and downstream directions, from 192 kbit/s to 2,312 kbit/s of payload in 8 kbit/s increments for one pair and 384 kbit/s to 4,624 kbit/s in 16 kbit/s increments for two pairs of wires. The reach varies according to the loop rate and noise conditions (more noise or higher rate means decreased reach) and may be up to 3,000 meters. The two pair feature may alternatively be used for increased reach applications by keeping the data rate low. Halving the data rate per pair will provide similar speeds to single pair lines while increasing the error/noise tolerance.

An optional extended SHDSL mode allows symmetric data rates up to 5,696 kbit/s on one pair, using the 32-TC-PAM modulation scheme specified in Annexes F and G. Using M-pair bonding, up to four pairs of wires may be bonded to yield data rates up to M×5,696 kbit/s. In this way, a single SHDSL interface using four bonded wire pairs can carry up to 22,784 kbit/s.

The SHDSL payload may be either ‘clear channel’ (unstructured), T1 or E1 (full rate or fractional), multiple ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI), Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) cells or Ethernet packets. A ‘dual bearer’ mode allows a mixture of two separate streams (e.g. T1 and ATM) to share the SHDSL bandwidth.

What speed can I get with SHDSL Internet?

Speeds currently available over copper or fibre are up to 80mb/80mb on AAPT network, 10Mb/10mb on Telstra SHDSL,  400/400Mbps on our CBD Fibre and 20mb/20Mb on AAPT EFM network.

Wikpedia link ..

What is SHDSL Contention Ratio

The Quality of SHDSL is also impacted by the contention ratios. Contention ratio as the number if users on the service. Quality Business Internet Providers will have low or no contention offers. Low contention would see no more than 4 subscribers sharing the service. No contention or dedicated services provided by Telstra & AAPT networks have a single subscriber on the service and are typically more expensive as the cost of the service is born by a single subscriber. The upside is that subscribers do not share or compete for bandwidth on the connection.

What are the uses for SHDSL?

SHDSL is more commonly used for IP Telephony (for example, Voice over IP or VoIP) using SIP trunks or Hosted PBX applications, Web and Email server hosting, Video Conferencing, Large data file transfers, Corporate LAN to LAN connections such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and where multiple remote users require access.

How Long does it take to install SHDSL?

Installation of SHDSL can take up to 30 working days as a dedicated copper line and modem needs to be installed and configured. The service is terminated at a NTU modem that delivers the service to subscriber equipment via Ethernet

Can I use my ADSL Modem/Router for SHDSL?

In most cases and ADSL modem will not have a WAN Ethernet port which is required for SHDSL. If you do not have an Ethernet Router we can supply you with a SHDSL Modem router or you can request termination to Ethernet handover and provide your own SHDSL Ethernet router.

Can I Use a Voice Service On The SHDSL Line?

No the line used for the SHDSL Internet has to be dedicated to SHDSL Only. You can however use SIP trunks, Hosted PBX or VoIP over Telstra & AAPT SHDSL connections.

Where can SHDSL be delivered?

SHDSL can only be delivered within 3km of an enabled exchange. There are approx 400 SHDSL enabled exchanges Australia wide with the majority of them being on the Metro Areas of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Is the Free installation offer and Promo rates available Australia Wide?

No. The Promo rates for SHDSL business internet are only available at enabled exchanges in the Metro areas of  Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and Regional centres in Victoria, NSW, ACT and QLD. All other sites have standard pricing.

Can I relocate my SHDSL Broadband service to another site?

As long as the new site can be serviced by the same carrier then yes you can relocate and pricing would be based on the retail pricing at the time of relocation. This mans you may pay more for the same service. Also if you relocate and find your new site cannot get the same speed you have currently, you may find you are paying more for a slower speed at the new site. A relocations fee will apply if you are still within the original contract term for your SHDSL plan.

How Do I get SHDSL Business Internet?

You can call us 1300783528 or submit an online inquiry form and one of our sales Consultants will call you and follow up.

What is the Provisioning Process For SHDSL Business Internet?

1. Once we have completed the sales process and confirmed that SHDSL business Internet is available at your location we will submit your SHDSL order to AAPT/Telstra.
2. Telstra/AAPT will prepare their local network for your service by installing ULLs from Telstra network or Fibre.
3. Once the ULLs are installed or your site Fibre is lit, a technician will visit your site to install the NTU equipment within your premises.
4. The technician will then advise us that the order is completed and provides the service technical information.
5. The service then enters testing has and is typically handed over to the customer by us around 24-48hrs later. If a fault is identified during testing and remedial action is required, the service is not handed over until any fault is resolved.
6. We then configure your SHDSL modem for your specific service (log ins passwords, IP address’s) and send it out to your premises.
7. Installation is to existing Network infrastructure and existing internal cabling. If additional Lead in work is required, additional ULLs required or additional internal cabling is required, you will be quoted for this work and the cost of this work is the customers responsibility.

Is There Any Cancellation Fees with SHDSL Business Internet If I Don’t Go Ahead with the Order?

Yes because as soon as your order is placed network provisioning commences.  Once network provisioning commences the contract is considered entered with the Carrier and the Full Early Termination Fee (ETF) on Monthly access X months remaining is payable in full.

The exception to this is if for any network related reason such as insufficient ULLs or network shortfall requiring a network build, means the service cannot be delivered, then there is no ETF charged. if you require an internal cabling upgrade and decide to cancel the order,an Early termination charge may apply even if the SHDSL service has not been activated.

If you contact Telaustralia we can provide you with the full installation process notes which explains installation and conditions in full.

What Are The Early Termination Fees On The Service If We Break The Contract on our Business Internet service?

The early termination fees if you break a Fixed term 12/24/36 month agreement are substantial. You must pay your monthly access X part months remaining. If you received a free connection you must also pay the connection fee. If you are unclear of your tenure at your current site we suggest you take the minimum connection period which is 12 months.


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