What ADSL Broadband Plans do Telaustralia have available?

Telaustralia has a wide range of ADSL 2 and ADSL 1 Plans. We are on of the only business which provides SLAs for poor performance and down time on our Business Grade Lite ADSL 2 Internet plans.

What Business ADSL Broadband Features should I request?

If you are running a business these days you will depend on having a reliable Business Broadband Internet Service. But what are the features you should be looking for that will allow your ADSL or SHDSL service to meet your business needs?

We have compiled a list of the Top 10 Broadband features you should make sure your service provider can deliver.

1. Reliability of the Broadband Internet Network. If you can find a Internet provider with ADSL Business Broadband who proves you with Service Level Agreements SLAs and backs those SLAs with refunds available for downtime, you know you have a reliable network. Not many Business Internet companies do this.

2. Speed. Its no use having a reliable and slow ADSL service. Make sure your Business ADSl is on a reputable network with adequate back haul capacity.

3. Low Contention ratios. This is the number of users on any one port at the exchange. Low cuts users put hundreds and hundreds on. Quality Business Broadband Companies will have anywhere between 1 (for high end high cost) and 50 for typical business use and costs effective ADSL.

4. Price. You obviously need to strike a balance in what you are paying for and what you get. Sure you have have top of the range speed, reliability and downloads but it will costs you thousands per month. ADSL 2 Business grade should give excellent speeds at manageable cost.

5. Static IP. Make sure your business grade ADSL plan has a static IP address included. This is beneficial if you host your own servers for services such as web, email, VPN and many more.

6. Reverse DNS. Having reverse DNS on your Business grade internet will allow you to host email servers while remaining compliant.

7. Additional IP addresses are important to many business when have multiple web, email and other IT infrastructure that they support.

8. High grade support located in the country you operate from. Everyone has the horror stories surrounding the offshore “support” centres with massive wait times and the service and language barriers can be appalling. You should not have to wait more than 1-3 minutes in a call queue to get friendly and helpful support.

9. Flexibility to change plans and speed of your Business Internet plan without massive variation fees. Make sure your business ISP can be flexible. Business needs change and so should your Business ADSL plan be able to change with those needs.

10. Built in Anti Spam and Anti Virus monitoring. This can sometimes cause minor problems with your email delivery but are vital to ensure your network is not effected by malicious virus’s or over loaded with spam.

What’s the Internet Support Number?

Please call 1300 765 197 for Internet Support.


What are the email settings for my Telaustralia mobile service?

The incoming settings will vary depending on who and how your emails are hosted but most phones will be able to auto configure using your username and password and setting the incoming mail server to whatever you domain name is. For example my email address is adam@telaustralia.com.au so the domain name is telaustralia.com.au. This means that the incoming mail server name will be mail.telaustralia.com.au
The typical outgoing settings for pop3 accounts will be as follows :

Outgoing Mail Server : mail.optusnet.com.au

Use SSL should be selected

Authentication Type : Password

Server Port 25

Can I have a Telstra Landline, an Optus Mobile & a Telstra network ADSL plan on the one bill?

Yes. All of our service’s will come to you on a single easy to read monthly account.

How do I join Telaustralia?

Joining Telaustralia is easy. Please call 1300 783 528 and our Customer Support Members will put you through to one of our Sales Team.

How do I manage my Call & Internet Spend?

With Telaustralia we have several Options available to you to manage your call and Internet spend.

All customers can access their account online at My Account and view unbilled and billed call spends, manage contact details and direct debit details.

With your mobile post paid plans, we will send you a message when you reach 50%, 80% and 100% of your monthly allocated usage. If you agree we will put Auto barring on your Mobile service so that it will Automatically bar when you go over your allocated usage for the month. Please note this is dependent on Telaustralia receiving Carrier Call and Data records in a timely manner so Auto Barring will limit but not totally prevent excess call charges.

With your internet service all Standard residential Grade plans are shaped meaning you will not be charged for any excess data. Your Internet speed will slow. if you want to increase your speed before the start of the following bill cycle please call us 1300783528 and we can vary your plan.

Our Landline plans are all pay as you go so you only pay for the services used. You can view unbilled calls by logging into My Account on our web page.

How do I pay my bill?

We offer a variety of ways to pay your bill:

Direct Debit

Download a Direct Debit Form from our ‘Downloads’ page and fax it to us to setup a automatic debit from either a bank account or credit card.

Credit or Debit Card Online payments

Pay by credit or debit card online, 24/7. Just click on ‘Pay My Bill’. Enter your email address and a receipt will be sent for your records.

Credit or Debit Card phone payments

Simply call us to pay your bill day or night. A receipt number will be provided for your records.


Contact your participating Bank, Credit Union or Building Society, either by internet or telephone, to make this payment from your cheque, savings or credit card account. When prompted enter the biller code and your Customer Reference number.

BPAY biller code: 707364
Ref: see your bill


Direct Deposit

Westpac Banking Corporation BSB : 032-002  Account No: 483217
Please ensure you use your account number as the reference number so we can track your payment.

Australia Post

Please present your payment slip at any Post Office where cash, cheque or credit card will be accepted using the bar code.


Detach the payment slip from the bottom of the bill and return it together with your cheque made out to ‘Telcoinabox’ (our payment processing service).

How do I set up a direct debit?

Download a Direct Debit Form from our ‘Downloads’ page and fax it to us to setup a automatic debit from either a bank account or credit card.

How do I view my account online?

Simply go to the ‘My Account’ page and enter your account number ( a 6 digit number found on your bill) and your password. if you have not set up your password, please contact us to to activate your online account.

Once you’re set up your can:

Check your internet data useage

Keep an eye on your data usage to avoid any excess data charges.

Check unbilled calls

Find out what calls you’ve made in the current month and their cost.

Analyse phone bill

Our account management service can provide helpful insights into your communication spend, such as: Summary by Call Duration, Most Frequently Called Numbers, Summary by Departments, Most Expensive Calls, Summary by Date, Longest Phone Calls, Summary by Hour of Day, International Call Spend

Security & My Telaustralia Account

We understand customers information is private and access to our systems or service could cause issues.

We provide customers with a security question and code for online access and whenever they call in to our Help Desk. Customers will be ask a number of security questions before any account or service detail is provided.

What is Telaustralia’s Billing Process?

Our Bills are issued via Email or Print on our around the 28th of each month. The customer due payment date is the 15th of the Months and bills are deemed overdue when payment is not received by the 22nd of the month.

When do I have to pay my bill by?

Our bills are sent out at the beginning of the month, either by email or by post, and you can opt to receive it both ways.

Payment is required by the 15th.

Will I get an Account Manager allocated to me when I sign up?

If you are a business Customer you will get an Account Manager allocated to you. Your Account Manager will provide you with his/her direct land line, mobile and email details and they will your first point of call if you need to contact Telaustralia. Of course if your Account Manager is unavailable our Support team is always available to help on 1300 783 528.


What speeds can you get on NBN Fixed Wireless?

On NBN Fixed Wireless you can get speeds up to 25mbps download and 5Mbps Upload speed.

What’s the fastest speed available?

The fastest NBN speed available at the moment is 100mbps download speed and 40mbps upload speed.

Phone Systems

Hosted PBX – Why are these so much cheaper than traditional phone systems?

The reason that Hosted PBX systems are cheaper than traditional Phone systems is that there is no central unit for the system to run off. The system is in the cloud or hosted so all you pay for are switches and handsets.

Will a NBN Phone System run over ADSL?

Yes a NBN phone System can run over an ADSL connection but with some limitations depending on the speeds available at the site and the quality of the connection. If you call us we can show you how to do some testing that will determine suitability of your current connection.


I am moving offices. What do I need to do to relocate phone lines & internet?

Telaustralia have put this guide to relocating your business phone lines and PABX system to help you to avoid any issues or down time with your phones.

When are you moving?

It is vital that you allow sufficient lead to when planning your business relocation to give your business phone company sufficient time to book the relocation and manage the relocation of your business phone lines. Relocation of a PSTN phone line is usually quite simple but an ISDN order can take up to 8 weeks.

IMPORTANT -If you change your moving dates the network provider will often cancel your order. Changing the date of your relocation can cause delays with your phone lines as orders will be placed at the back of the order queue, essentially re starting the order process.

It can be difficult juggling all the different time frames required but the most important requirement in managing this is lead time.

As a rough guide the following time frames are required to relocate your business phone lines.

  • PSTN 5-7 working days
  • ISDN 10-20 working days
  • ISDN 10/20/30 20-60 working days
  • Office Connect Voice & Data 25-40 working days
  • ADSL 3-7 working days after the PSTN line is functional and the number provided.

Given the time frames associated with getting an Internet Service up and running, the PSTN Phone lines is often one of the first lines that should be set up which will allow your IT staff to configure the service and have it up and running prior to your relocation. This may costs a bit more in line rental etc but is worth it opposed to operating your business without ADSL Internet. See New Business Phone Lines.

What are you relocating?

It is important that you provide your Business Phone company with accurate details of the services you want to relocate. Any changes or modifications to the order can delay the process so please ensure you get the details right from the outset.

Consider a plan for the following services

  • Your main line or advertised number
  • Your fax number
  • Any Direct In Dial numbers that have bee advertised
  • Eftpos Numbers
  • Alarm lines
  • ADSL lines

Where are you moving to?

Where you are moving to is clearly quite important and there are a range of factors that need to be considered. Most important is to supply your service provider with accurate site address details.

IMPORTANT – If your address details are not accurate the network carrier may cancel your relocation order and put you to the back of the order queue, essentially restarting the order process.

Are you moving into a site serviced by the same exchange and located within the same area you are currently in …… meaning you can keep your existing numbers? If you cant keep your new numbers you will need to arrange diversions on your existing numbers.

Site Technical Inspection

Have you had a technical inspection done on the site ……. with a technician to ensure that all internal phone and data cabling is in place for your voice, data and print requirements? Telaustralia strongly recommend you do. If you haven’t yet, you will need to map out exactly what your requirements are and arrange a contractor to supply the required power, voice, data and print cabling. If cabling is not in place your service provider will be unable to deliver your services and you may be up for hefty charges and even worse … long delays when it is time to install your PABX phone System.

You will need to allow for cabling to each desk, computer, printer, any servers you may be operating and to where your PABX Phone System will be located.

If appropriate site cabling is not available your services will not be connected by the due date.

Phone Line relocation points to consider in your planning

Many business consider they can just relocate without due consideration to their IT and Voice services. Short cuts are taken that lead to extensive costs and down time further down track It is strongly recommended you take time to sit down and plan your relocation with your PABX maintainer, IT staff/consultants and your Phone company.

Which day? – Timing

You should consider when is the best time for you to relocate. Which time of the day and day of the week or month are you best able to manage your workload and staffing levels to ensure the smoothest possible transition?

Relocating to a different exchange

You cannot keep your numbers if you move to an area serviced by a different exchange although you are able to permanently divert your numbers to your new numbers.

Call Diversions

Depending on where you relocate to you may want to divert calls from your old numbers to your new numbers. There is a charge for diverted calls and a cost to “rent” the diversion on your old line.

Diverting your PABX System

Prior to removing your PABX from your old premises it is very important for your PABX technician to set diversions to your new numbers. If this is not completed at this time an emergency diversion (fee for service diversion) will have to be set via the telephone exchange which is significantly more expensive and can lead to a break in your service while it is being arranged.

Relocating your PABX Phone System

Your Phone Company won’t relocate your PABX Phone System. That is the job of your BABX Maintainer. If you are relocating an existing PABX Phone system this is where things can get tricky in juggling the period between when the system is removed from the old site and installed at the new site. If your system is large relocation can take several days from removal through to installation, jumpering of the new phone lines and configuration.

It may be worthwhile considering a new PABX Phone System. See here.

Your new phone lines need to be in place and active to relocate the phone system and configure it.

Even if you have a new phone system installed it is highly advisable to have your technician at hand during the first day of the move or to ensure that the system configuration and set up is right. If you have to call your PABX maintainer back you may be up for hefty call out fees.

IT Services

Your IT is separate to your voice services. Items such as PCs, fax machines, photocopiers, scanners and other electrical equipment can be quite sensitive during as move so it is advisable to have your IT experts on hand to assist with set up and configuration of your business equipment and network requirements.

What is a 100 Number Direct In Dial Range (DID Range)

A 100 Number DID (Direct In Dial) Range is a series of 100 numbers that are allocated to ISDN Business phone lines.. Even though you may only have 2, 4, 6 or 10 or more ISDN phone lines connected, you can be allocated a block of 100 numbers and this is known as a 100 number DID range.

100 Number DID ranges are a batch of 100 numbers starting with 00 and ending in 99. For example 0265641200 to 0265641299.

The main benefit of using a 100 number Direct In Dial range is that you dont need to have a full phone line for every employee. Using a DID range also means you can have multiple generic numbers allocated to departments such as accounts, sales, service etc as well as direct numbers for any employees needing them.

When a 100 number DID range is combined with PABX phone system functions such as line hunt and pre programmed call orienting are possible.

For example if you allocated a number for accounts, the DID range can be programmed on the PABX phone system to forward incoming phone calls to a nominated batch of extensions for that department, and then to hunt through those extensions until a free extension is available. In simple terms the call can hunt around the department until it finds an employee who is not on the phone and able to take the call.

Most networks that offer ISDN Digital business phone lines (available with ISDN 2 and ISDN 10/20/30) will be able to offer a 100 Number Indial range.

What is ISDN 2?

Formerly known as OnRamp 2, ISDN 2 business phone lines transforms your existing analogue telephone line into two digital connections. ISDN2 features are;

  • Two telephone numbers on the one ISDN 2 phone service.
  • With ISDN 2 there are two digital channels capable of transferring both voice and data at bandwidth rates of 2 x 64kbps or 128kbps when 2 lines are combined
  • Only one service line is required for telephones, faxes or computers allowing you to use the other line to work remotely in the field or at home or can be used for a 2nd voice line.
  • An ISDN2 service must be connected to an ISDN compatible PABX system at the customers premises
  • With ISDN 2 you can access a 100 Number Direct Indial (DID) range so even if you only have 2 lines you can have 100 numbers.

A full explanation of the range of features available on an ISDN 2 service is located here.


ISDN2 enhanced services are identical to standard ISDN2 services but are supplied with an integrated network termination device and router. Since this hardware is more expensive to supply, the monthly line rental is a few dollars higher than standard ISDN2.

The integrated unit supplied currently is the Open Networks NT1 plus II . This unit allows the customer to connect multiple computers on a small LAN to the ISDN service to leverage the ISDN investment. The NT1 plus II also allows customers to “bond” the two channels together for 128kbps internet access when no phone lines are in use. Although these units require mains power they have the ability to keep the main phone line active during a mains power failure.


ISDN 2 Phone lines are Digital business phones lines delivering clearer and faster phone calls.

ISDN 2 are a scaleable service in that you can add an additional set of lines in increments of 2 lines at a time. eg start with 2 lines and add in 2/4/6/or 8 ISDN2 services as required.

ISDN 2 gives you the availability of a 100 Number Direct in Dial range. Even if you only have 1 or 2 ISDN 2 services you can have 100 phone numbers or more. ISDN 2 is ideally suited to small to medium business that require crisp clear digital communication lines in conjunction with a PABX phone system. ISDN 2 Business phone lines have access to all the great business phone line features you need including Line Hunt & Caller ID.

For more than 10 channels you will require and ISDN 10/20/30 service.

A full explanation of the range of features available on an ISDN 2 service is located here.


As ISDN is digital, there is no need for a modem. However, a customer will need a terminal adapter to receive the ISDN service. A terminal adaptor enables the communication from the user’s terminal to the network and serves as an interface between the ISDN BRI line and the customers equipment.

Terminal adaptors are sometimes referred to as Network Termination (NT) devices or ISDN modems/routers, although this latter term is slightly misleading.

The terminal adapter is provided by the ISDN service provider.

To connect the customer’s local area network (LAN) to an ISDN2 service the customer will require a separate ISDN router or (as is more common) a terminal adaptor with a modem / router built in.

Customer wishing to connect a LAN to an ISDN2 service should choose the ISDN2 enhanced service.

A full explanation of the range of features available on an ISDN 2 service is located here.

What ISDN Business Phone Lines are available?

If you need 2-8 Lines then ISDN 2 phone lines are the4 best option for you. If you need 10, 20 or 30 or more phone lines choose ISDN 10/20/30. If your business needs 11, 12, 13 or another number of phone lines (above 10), ISDN Multi Line is available, providing a wide range of available ISDN options. 100 Number DID ranges are only available on ISDN or Multi Line Services

What networks do you use?

We are not tied to any particular networks, instead we seek the best value with reliability for any given product. Our main network partners are Telstra and Optus. We have a full range of services including ISDN 2, ISDN 10/20/30, MultiLine and both Optus & Telstra Mobile networks.

What services does Telaustralia provide?

We provide a full range of Telecommunications products including fixed wire phone lines, mobile phone plans, ADSL Internet and PABX phone systems


What’s the fastest speed I can get?

The fastest SHDSL speed we can supply is 80/80.

What’s the most popular speed?

Our most popular SHDSL speed is 20/20 followed by 10/10. Most business find this more than adequate to run voice, data and cloud services over a single connection.


How can Telaustralia be cheaper than Telstra?

We are part of a group of companies that spend over $40Million dollars a year with the major carriers so our wholesale buying power enables us to pas on significant savings to our customers.

If I join Telaustralia will I have to wait in long call queues when I need support?

No. Our average call wait time is around 45 seconds on Technical Support 1300 765 197 number and 35 seconds on our Customer Service number 1300 783 528.

Is Telaustralia Australian owned?

Yes we are 100% Australian owned and operated and we do not and will contract any work or services outside Australia.

Will I talk to an Australian when I call you?

Yes. Our staff are all located in Australia. Most of the time your first point of contact will be your Account Manager or our Sydney based call centre on 1300 783 528.