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alcatel-business-pabx-phone-systems-small_with_4039_digital_handset-for-ISDN 2ALCATEL PHONE SYSTEMS

Alcatel phone systems are designed for 2 to 196 users and as a result delivers fantastic value and flexibility to any business considering a PABX Phone System. Most Alcatel PABX Phone systems come with a full range of Free Features that cost significantly more in other systems. Telstra TBS alternative Alcatel Lucent Omni PCX is available as Primary Rate ISDN 102030, as a Basic rate ISDN 2 or as a PSTN PABX Telephone System.If you are looking for the latest technology with cutting edge looks then it is hard to go past the Alactel Lucent Telephone System for Small to larger Business.


Alcatel PABX Business Phone Systems – For Any Business Size


Whatever your line of business – retail, services, the medical or legal professions, insurance or real estate – you will be aware that the way callers are greeted reflects on your company’s professionalism. Customers care less about the size of your company or whether you have a dedicated receptionist than about getting a fast, friendly and efficient welcome.

A truly professional company image requires more than just picking up calls when you happen to be around. While callers wait to be connected, they expect music or a message on hold. Whatever time of day they phone, they expect to be greeted, redirected to the appropriate person or to be given the possibility to leave voice messages. The alternative is customer frustration and missed opportunities.
Naturally you are keen to improve your customer welcome with professional solution and advanced features. But it’s got to be simple to choose and order, quick to arrive and install and easy and efficient to use. It must be compact, discreet and cost-effective. It should be open to upgrades to suit your hanging needs. And it should boost productivity.

Alcatel Phone System Features

Alcatel have taken all of your concerns to heart to devise the Alcatel Omni PCX Office PABX Telephone System and the Alcatel Omni Compact Edition PABX System.

The result: a truly professional telecommunications solution with all the advanced voice features you would expect from a large enterprise welcome system, within your reach.

Above all that means stunning voice quality, but also fail safe reliability and access to a powerful range of telephony features from the most basic, such as conference calls, music on hold or a greeting message to the more advanced, including:

Alcatels Range of Professional Handsets

The Alcatel Digital handsets have Fully Featured interfaces with your choice of 6 to 40 programmable keys and a QWERTY Keyboard on the Alcatel 4029 and Alcatel 4039 handsets. Speed Dial, Hands free Operation (Speaker Phone), Large LCD displays, Corded and Wireless headsets jacks and direct access to mailboxes are standard features on the Alcatel-Lucent Digital handsets.

Alcatel 9 Series Digital Handsets

Alcatel Omni PCX Phone System

Alcatel OXO Small PABX Brochure