Hosted PBX for Melbourne

My business has been a Telaustralia customer for just on 8 years now. The change over from the previous provider was a relatively seamless process. Our Mobile phone costs plummeted compared to Telstra. Given our spend we thought they might have put us on decent plans. After we changed to Telaustralia, Telstra started to call us again & offer us a better deal than previously ….but still not as good as Telaustralia and we were sick of getting bounced from one person to the next and never getting an answer …funny about that. We got a Hosted PBX for Melbourne branch and the install was hassle free and the Hosted PBX has been fantastic.  I think I appreciate the personalized service most about Telaustralia, I deal with real decision makers within their business, and that is a real time saver!

Daniel Woods
Creative Building Products