I run a small business, 4 incoming lines and a PABX Phone System that is a few years old but not old enough to replace.

I couldn’t get any information from OPTUS, TPG, Telstra etc about business NBN Phone systems. Everybody was talking home NBN. The information I did get was that I would have to replace my entire system (a cost of about $4k). Telstra wanted to push their Digital Office Technology (DOT) and I know people who have it and it’s supposedly crap. What’s more the negative feedback on the internet is huge. So I definitely didn’t want Telstra DOT.

I eventually got in contact with Telaustralia and they informed me that it was an easy fix and sent out a service manager who quickly confirmed that we could use my old analogue system with the new digital NBN (making it a NBN Phone System), I just needed a small $500 box that converts digital (NBN signals) to analogue

The installation went very smoothly. I’m now all set up, everything works fine and I’m happy

Thanks Telaustralia

Tony Cox
Melton Chemmart Pharmacy