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The old Telecom was just marvelous. They used to send us back cheques for their over charging, but not now, it’s all changed. Last year we were having terrible trouble with our provider, incorrect charging, difficulty in re-negotiating contracts, rude and uncooperative account service and worst of all; a superior attitude. Then Telaustralia took over […]

Being a brand new business owner and not at all technically minded I needed a company to guide me through the installation process of our new Hosted PBX Phone System easily and efficiently. Telaustralia did this and if I ever do need advice, my point of contact is always prompt, professional, helpful and really easy […]

By the way – great service & company! The only time I’ve spoken to someone at Tell Australia since I last spoke to you a year ago was to confirm I had no bill to pay one month when I accidentally paid it twice the month before. I can’t remember the last phone provider I […]

My business has been a Telaustralia customer for just on 8 years now. The change over from the previous provider was a relatively seamless process. Our Mobile phone costs plummeted compared to Telstra. Given our spend we thought they might have put us on decent plans. After we changed to Telaustralia, Telstra started to call […]

Switching over to Telaustralia was an easy choice for our Business Phone, mobile & internet after literally being dumped by my previous service provider. Now, I don’t even have to go searching for upgrades and special offers as the professional team at Telaustralia keep me well informed and my account finely tuned to the best […]

To have a face to talk to and someone who understands your business is the best thing I’ve found about Telaustralia. They are arranged the business phone lines for our Mornington Peninsula site. They will go out of their way to ensure that our business phones work the way we want without compromising the quality […]

Just wanted to take the time to thank everyone at Telaustralia for their superb service, after spending what seemed like days trying to explain to someone what I required. I was recommended to Telaustralia and you guys got our NBN Phone System and Internet underway and installed in no time. It’s refreshing to deal with a […]

I would like to thank the Telaustralia team for their fabulous service – being time & equipment – also taking the time to review our account during our problem – Their patience & understanding has solved our issues. Rob Mannix Endota Day Spa Forest Hills

Telaustralia have been the ideal business partner for my business. I have landline, Blackberry Mobile and Internet services through them. The highlight besides the pricing is the personalised service for new products and the solving of the rare problems when they occur. Minimal downtime and personalised service are what other carriers cannot provide plus they […]

When we had a Hosted PBX phone System installed by Telaustralia recently, we could not believe how easy it was to deal with these people. We were starting to think there must be a catch but there wasn’t. They came in and installed our Phone system in a matter of hours and we are very […]

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