The NBN is being rolled out in your area and it leads to questions about connecting a Phone System to the NBN.
You may have received a letter from your existing Telco, telling you you need to change over to the NBN Immediately. Or that if you don’t change to the NBN immediately you will lose your phone numbers. You may have been told that you need to replace your Phone System. These statements are not entirely true. Switching to NBN Phone lines will mean changing to Digital Phone lines such as SIP trunks but many systems can take SIP trunks with minimal change. Read on to understand how you can save a lot of money and avoid poor advice when changing over to the NBN.Connecting a Phone System to the NBN

Q. Will you lose your numbers if you don’t connect to the NBN straight away?

A. No! It takes 12-18 months to build the NBN into an area. You will be notified when your site is declared Ready for Service (RFS). From that date you have 18 months before your copper will be cut off.

You have 18 months after your site is declared Ready for NBN service before you have any chance of losing your phone numbers. Of course you shouldn’t leave it till the last minute either, but there is plenty of time to plan and implement an NBN transition in an orderly fashion.

Q. Do we have to replace our Business Phone System when the NBN becomes available?

A. In most cases no. Most Phone systems can have an IP card or an ATA added to the Phone System, that will allow the Phone System to work over the NBN. There will be some older phone systems where it will make sense to replace them, but the first option is to determine if the PBX Phone System can be adapted to run over the NBN.

Q. Can we modify or adapt our existing Phone System to work on the NBN?

A. Yes. In most cases, Phone Systems under 5-7 years old, can have an IP card from the manufacturer added to the Phone System. The IP card allows the Phone System to take digital Phone Lines. In some cases the IP cards are hard to obtain or very expensive and that is where a commercial decision has to be made. Cards, Licensing and installation can range from  around $1000-$3000.Connecting a Phone System to the NBN

Q. Is there a cheaper way to convert your Phone System to NBN?

A. Yes. if an IP card it too expensive or not readily available there are Adapters available that sit outside of the Phone System. These Adapters are called Analogue Telephone Adapters (ATAs) and allow you to run Digital Phone Lines over the NBN. An ATA can be installed for up to 8 lines for around $800 inc gst.

Q. What if we cant get an IP card or our Phone System is too old for NBN?

A. If your Phone System is unable to be modified then the next option is to consider a replacement Phone System. The most popular systems for the NBN are Hosted PBX and IP Phone Systems.

Q. What would a Hosted PBX Phone System or NBN Phone System cost?

A. Hosted PBX Phone Systems are a cost effective NBN Phone System option, typically working out at around $200 per handset installed. With a Hosted or Virtual PBX system, the only hardware on site is the handsets and a switch. With a Hosted PBX, there is no PBX unit on the wall as with traditional phone systems, and this can be where significant savings can be made. The Phone System smarts are Hosted in the cloud and this is why they are dramatically cheaper than on site Phone Systems. There is a range of features and benefits on a Hosted PBX that can dramatically improve the efficiency of a business.

With Hosted PBX the line rental is usually based on the number of handsets. Each handset has a licence of around $10 per handset per month, which is instead of the Telstra Line rental. Hosted PBX systems can also be run over ADSL in the lead up to the NBN roll out. These are a far more cost effective option than Telstra DOT Digital Office Technology Phone Systems

Q. Is there any other Options for connecting a Phone System to the NBN?

A. Yes. If you need a lot of handsets but not many Phone lines, it may be more cost effective to install an IP Phone System. These are advantageous at larger sites where there are many handsets. SIP trunks can be installed based on the number of calls required, not the number of handsets at the site. Eg: 30 Handsets but only 10 SIP trunks. The big advantage of these systems in NBN roll out areas, is that they can be installed immediately using existing PSTN or ISDN Phone Lines, and then convert to SIP trunks when ready. The conversion to SIP trunks can be done remotely saving on expensive technician call out charges. The Grandstream PBX range start at around $1600 with 4 handsets. Again, these are a far more cost effective option than a Telstra TBS phone system.

Q. Should I act early to connect to the NBN?

A. Yes. While we don’t advocate trying to be the first connected, we do advise that you dont leave your NBN connection to the last minute. Don’t wait to start connecting a Phone System to the NBN until the 18th month when the copper cut off is imminent, and risk having your business phone lines out of action. Speak to an expert and have a plan in place. It doesn’t mean you need to commit immediately, but have a plan in place for transitioning your phone system to the NBN.

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