The demand for Fibre Internet for business is booming. Business are looking for Fibre to deliver a range of Voice, Cloud and Real Time Applications. Installing a Fibre Internet connection unshackles a business from Telstra copper phone lines, provides a massive boost in data speed and bandwidth and gives flexibility in managing Cloud Applications.

However a Fibre Internet installation is a complex process. If everything is in order, installs are rarely more than 60 business days. Where network upgrades, commercial works are required & faults or internal cabling issues are found, this lead-time can be impacted, sometimes by months.

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The following details what to expect with your Fibre Internet order


Telaustralia has a range of Fibre Internet Services from 5 networks we can deliver up to 1Gbps services. The 20, 50 and 100mbps services are the most popular and provide a good mix of performance at a reasonable price. Check Telaustralia pricing table for Fibre Internet pricing.


Establishing the correct address in multi tented buildings is often the hardest part of getting a fibre order underway. Its is therefore is critical that you have the correct address including suite, unit, factory, shop numbers, floor level and street address.

Any change to the order address, after the order has been submitted,  will mean an entirely new order will need to be placed, starting the time frames over and will lead to an order cancellation fee on the original order. The minimum order modification fee you will be charged for incorrect address is $500 ex gst. So its best to get this detail 100% accurate before submitting the order.

To assist in providing the correct address it will assist if you can provide us with an active PSTN Phone Number (eg your fax or your current internet phone line) at the actual site if available. A Site Plan Allotment number can also help.


 There are 5 steps in the Fibre Install process.

  1. Initial Site Enablement Pricing (SEP)

This takes place before you place your order. A Desktop design is done to determine if any Special Linkage fee is payable for the installation.

Once the SEP is completed you will be given an estimate of any Special Linkage fee and will need to accept this fee before placing an order and signing any contract.

  1. Contract paperwork

You will be provided with the required contract paperwork for your Fibre connection. Due to the $ commitment on theses services, the contract must be signed by a authorized director or manager and in some cases a Directors guarantee may be sought. 

  1. Site Assessment

The carriers Site assessment Team will

  • Conduct an initial assessment of your existing infrastructure
  • Identify any potential onsite hazards or technical issues that may delay the progress of your connection
  • Gain access to common areas of your building. Please assist the team by having the name and contact number of your building manager available, and;
  • Notify your building owner of the carriers intention to install cabling, communications equipment and 240v power requirements.
  • If additional cabling is required, additional charges may apply. The site assessment technician will let you know if extra charges apply.
  • Fibre communications equipment requires connection of a separately fused 240V power. The power is to be supplied by you or alternatively the carrier can arrange the connection on your behalf at your cost.
  • Provide you with documentation on scope of works, install plan diagram for location of equipment access and activity advice, Code of practice, Access instructions and Insurance certificates.

If the site assessment determines additional lead in cabling, on site Commercial Works or additional Internal cabling are required these are at the customers expense. 

  1. Fibre delivery

Fibre delivery can take up to 60 business days if there is no Network Boundary Point Extension or Commercial works required. If the Fibre needs to be delivered beyond the Network Boundary Point or any other Commercial works are required, you will be provided with a quote to perform these works. Both these activities are contestable so you can also arrange your own contractor’s to perform these works. These works will add additional time to your order.

The Fibre Construction Team will:

  • Install the optical fibre cable and an optical fibre terminal unit (OFTU), as required
  • Deliver and install the rack which houses the communication equipment, if required
  • Provide any additional cabling inside your premises beyond that which will be installed as part of the delivery of your service. Additional charges may apply for this work
  • Install or repair a lead-in cable (if required). Additional charges may apply for this work, and;
  • Work with an electrician (who may be your own contractor) to connect 240V power to the communications equipment.
  1. Testing and Handover

Testing of the service takes place to ensure performance and reliability before the is service handed over top the end user. This may take up to 10 business days after the Fibre installed.

Fibre Internet Order cancellations.

If the order is cancelled before completion, a substantial order cancellation charge may apply even if the order has recently been lodged.


  • Special Linkage Charges – During the SEP assessment you will be advised if there is any Special Linkage charge. This is the charge to extend the Fibre network to your site.
  • Lead In Upgrade – If your lead in conduit/cable is not adequate to bring the Fibre in to your site from the street/pit you may need a lead in upgrade. This is not common on commercial sites but if required is at customers cost.
  • Commercial Works – This is any trenching, drilling or other works required to bring the Fibre into your site. This is not common on commercial sites but if required is at customers cost.
  • Internal Cabling – If there is a shortfall of internal cabling on the site any additional Internal cabling is at customers cost.

 To address these issues prior to ordering, we advise it’s worth having a professional data cabler do a Pre Fibre Installation Site Audit. Its not normally more than $150-$300 for a Site Audit, but can help avoid expensive surprises after the Fibre order has been placed. If you with draw the order after the site assessment, the carrier may apply an order withdrawal fee.


 You may BYO your own router and we will provide the IP details allowing you to self configure your Router.

Alternately we can supply and charge you for a Fibre LAN router. The charges for the router and any extended router warranty you purchase will appear on your first invoice, which may be prior to the service going active. The router must be paid for before it will be dispatched. We have a range of router options to suit most requirements starting at around $300 going up to the high end Cisco Meraki range. The customer is responsible for installing the router and connecting it to the NTU.


If your new site has the same network fibre available we may be able to arrange a relocation of your service if required within the contract term. Please be aware that relocation can be expensive.

Please contact us if you are considering relocating as early as possible in the process so we can provide advice on your new site.


If you cancel the service before the end of the contract period a termination fee equal to your monthly access fee multiplied by months remaining in the contract period will be charged. This is because the carriers amortise their costs over the length of the agreement.
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