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Sip Trunk Plans

Number Porting is $165.  Rates are ex gst. All plans have international call spend limits. Call Centre, Auto Diallers and Fax Gateways restrictions apply an fair Use Policy applies. Contact is for price on application.

Excellent flexibility for Business Cycles

Business rarely remains static and from time to time your business will need extra resources to cope with demand. SIP Trunks will grow with you as you need – either increase or decrease – and best of all they are simple to order and get up and running much quicker than traditional voice lines.

Combine our SIP trunks service with your current PBX or SIP gateway

Our SIP Trunks work with a wide variety of SIP enabled PBXs and Gateways – this means if you have already invested in a system you will not have any issues with call quality or data translation. And, down the track, if you want to upgrade to a fully hosted system we will assist you with a seamless and simple upgrade.

Calls carried over dedicated ADSL/SHDSL broadband

The IP in SIP refers to Internet Protocol, but there’s IP and there’s IP. Today’s largest companies carry their voice calls over IP, but via a private network not the public internet. That means call quality can be guaranteed and backed-up with Service Level Agreements.


SIP Phone Plans – The NBN phone plan for Small Business

Because SIP trunks run over IP or Busines Grade VoIP, they are perfectly suited to business changing to the National Broadband Network. If you have an IP compatible Phone system, simply get your NBN connection set up, order your SIP trunks and connect.

How much will I save with Unlimited SIP Trunk Plans?

Compared to a standard Telstra Phone line, we have seen clients save anywhere up to 100% using unlimited SIP Trunk Plans.

How many SIP Trunks will I need?

Most offices run at a ratio of 4 lines for every 10-12 staff members. If your a busy sales office you may need more but the best way to work it out is put in how many you think you need and then add and subtract  based on your traffic. The big advantage with SIP trunks is that once the SIP pilot is set up we can add extra channels remotely.

How many SIP trunks can I get?

Your only really limited by the bandwidth available on your data connection as to how many SIP trunks you can use. They come in pairs so as long as its a multiple of 2 lines we wont put a limit on you. if you need 10 or more Unlimited SIP trunk plans we can do a better contracted price.

What bandwidth do I need to run my SIP trunks?

We recommend 67kbps (G7.11 Codec) upload & download speeds for a good quality call and ideally you have 100Kbps per call to allow some head room. If your equipment can be configured there are lower  bandwidth Codecs that can be configured but when it comes to Business Grade VoIP call quality, Bandwidth has a quality all of its own.

Can I run my SIP trunks on ADSL?

Yes you can but with some limitations. If you have a really good ADSL connection, dedicated to your SIP trunks,  with around 7-800Kbps upload speeds you should be able to run 7-10 calls simultaneously. Any more than that will start to push the limits of your bandwidth and you may start to suffer call quality issues. The main issue with ADSL is insufficient upload bandwidth. The actual results will vary on a site by site basis. We have some sits that are limited to no more than 2-4 calls over ADSL.

What is the recommended data connection for running Unlimited SIP Trunk Plans?

While we don’t discount using ADSL for SIP Trunks, we recommend having a SHDSL, NBN or another Fibre connection if possible.

Where can I get SIP Trunks?

You can use a SIP trunk in just about any location with a decent data connection. The bulk of our SIP trunk services are delivered into Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane and Metro areas.

Huge Savings on Call Costs with our great value SIP Trunk Plans

If your staff call between offices frequently, or you have teleworkers in different locations, then those calls are FREE which will save a huge amount on your monthly phone bill whilst enhancing productivity and maintaining excellent call quality. And with flat rate local and national calls, staff can talk for as long as they like without you feeling the pinch.

Can I make international calls on Telaustralia SIP trunk Plans?

Yes but with some limitations. Certain countries are blocked due to the high incidence of Telephone hacking fraud related to those countries. If you need to make international calls contact us and we can advise.

How do Telaustralia prevent Phone Hacking Fraud?

We can’t stop hackers but we can put some prevention measures in place. Hackers access the customers PBX and route their traffic through the customers Phone System and the Phone system security is the responsibility of the end user. This is why we encourage all customers to ensure their Phone Systems are secure by having secure passwords on the Phone System and all user Voice Mail .eg Change the manufacturer defaults to a relatively complex password and you are unlikely to have any fraud issues.

Our SIP hacking prevention measures are that we put a $ limit spend on every channel per 30 minutes so that if for any reason you system exceeds that 4 amount ti will trip barring. This is not fool proof or in any way guaranteed and any charges arising from fraudulent use are the responsibility of the customer. Sorry but the responsibility is in ensuring your phone system has secure passwords on the system and on each VoiceMail extension.

Can I run my fax over your SIP trunks?

Yes as long as your fax machine is compatible. We cannot configure your fax machine and you may need to get your Fax technician to your site to configure to our SIP trunks.

Guaranteed Business Grade call quality on your SIP Trunk Plan

Because we rigorously apply and test to our SIP service to the highest standards, if you follow our recommendations we can guarantee you the best available SIP trunk call quality. Our application of certified end to end process mean you get the best Business Grade call quality available at your site. To get our Guaranteed Call quality you must pre qualify your internet service with us and we must hold the PSTN phone & ADSL, NBN or SHDSL service the SIP Trunks are carried over. We must also provide the Router, Switch & ATAs and supply the SIP trunks. This enables us to manage the service end to end giving you the best call quality possible.

We will advise you of the maximum number concurrent calls we can guarantee at your site.

Can I get a 100 Number DID range with my SIP trunks?

Yes you can. We can provide any size number range you like and your not restricted like with a Telstra ISDN to a 100 number block. You can have a 20 number or a 50 number block if you like.

We proudly provide SIP services for clients from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Metro & Regional areas Australia Wide.