We regularly get asked to explain the difference between Wireless N & Wireless N Modems & Routers and also the difference between Wireless Broadband and Mobile Broadband. Wifi is the name applied to wireless networks and would typically be used for private network to be used within the home or small business …eg at a […]

We have released new pricing on our Standard Grade and Business Grade ADSL plans. Sadly Static IP will not be available on our Standard Grade plans from 1 December. If you require a Static IP you will need to take a Business Grade plan which is only $10 per month more. We will also be […]

We are pleased to release for sale the Sonim XP3 Quest pro handset on our $79 Fleet mobile plans. The Sonim XP3 Tough/ Tradie phone comes with an unconditional 3 year warranty.

Its seems that Apples ascendancy isn’t going to be without its challengers. In the US in the 6 Months to August 2010 Android Operating System powered mobile phones (which includes the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S, Sony X10 Xperia and HTC Dream mobile phones) have taken the sales leads over Apples iPhone. 32% of […]

An interesting little article about how Schools are using SMS Gateways to contact parents when their children are not at school.

WHAT IS ISDN 2   Formerly known as OnRamp 2, ISDN 2 business phone lines transforms your existing analogue telephone line into two digital connections. ISDN2 features are;   Two telephone numbers on the one ISDN 2  phone service.(on the one piece of copper) With ISDN 2 there are two digital channels capable of transferring both voice […]

What do I need when buying a Motel Phone System? In today’s competitive business environment, your success depends on first class service. You need an effective communication solution that enhances the efficiency of your operations and improves the level of customer service you provide your guests. Of all the equipment that you operate at your […]

My Internets running slow! Yes? No …well its not a common complaint that we get but we hear and read plenty about it. What cause’s Broadband Internet to run slowly? While there are many many factors that can effect internet speed, there are a couple of main reasons that are most commonly to blame. Essentially […]

We regularly get asked about what the NBN will mean for our customers. While the full details are not clear there are some aspects of the NBN, that if delivered as proposed by Fibre to the Door, will deliver capabilities not currently seen in this country. While the NBN will mean enhanced learning and entertainment […]

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