Setting up NBN Phone Lines for Business The NBN is now available at your site and your wondering what to do about transitioning your current PSTN or ISDN phone line to NBN phone lines. You quite possibly have a rep from a local business centre telling you have to change. Straight away. Today. Or you […]

Whats involved in installing fibre optic internet?  A Fibre Optic Internet installation is a complex process. If everything is in order, installs are rarely more than 60 business days. Where network upgrades, commercial works are required & faults or internal cabling issues are found, this lead-time can be impacted, sometimes by months. The following details […]

What will a Hosted PBX Phone System do for my business? Lately, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding deployment of a Hosted PBX Phone System for business.  Companies can finally replace their old phone systems and get a far more flexible phone solution for a fraction of the cost. But it’s not just replacing […]

FIBRE INTERNET ORDERING TIPS The demand for Fibre Internet for business is booming. Business are looking for Fibre to deliver a range of Voice, Cloud and Real Time Applications. Installing a Fibre Internet connection unshackles a business from Telstra copper phone lines, provides a massive boost in data speed and bandwidth and gives flexibility in managing […]

Relocate Business Phone Lines – Guide to moving your Phone Lines, Phone System & Data without a disaster. Relocating your Business Phone lines, Phone System & Data can be fraught with danger.  If you don’t put careful planning into your office relocation you can be left with out phones and internet. You want to relocate […]

What will happen to our business if we don’t switch to the NBN? Many business are not aware of what will happen if they don’t switch to the NBN. Despite the National Broadband Network (NBN) dominating national discussion since its inception in 2009, many Australian business’s are still unaware of the consequences if they don’t […]

NBN PHONE SYSTEM AND SIP TRUNK HACKING SIP trunks and Hosted PBX or NBN Phone Systems, as with most other services and products that have internet based pass words, can get hacked and which may result in a costly end-user carrier invoice for lengthy overseas calls. There are ways to mitigate the possibility of hackers exploiting vulnerabilities in […]

CONNECTING A PHONE SYSTEM TO THE NBN Q & A. The NBN is being rolled out in your area and it leads to questions about connecting a Phone System to the NBN. You may have received a letter from your existing Telco, telling you you need to change over to the NBN Immediately. Or that if you […]

THE GREAT NBN PHONE SYSTEM CON JOB We field about 10 calls a week from clients who have received an email or been called by their Phone System provider, telling them that they must change their phone system as soon as as the NBN is available. We call it the NBN phone System Con. Clients […]

GOOGLE FIBRE STOPS ROLL OUT – TOO EXPENSIVE Interesting news today regarding Google Fibre rollout. Google is halting its fibre roll out due to unmet sales and financial goals. Given google Fibre had a free internet subscription available for quite sometime, its not hard to understand why “financial” targets have not been met. The network was […]